About me

And He has filled (me) with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding and in knowledge and in all craftsmanship...” Exodus 35:31




[Because of the possibility of identity theft, I decided to leave out certain details.] 

Current Address: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Birth Date: Let’s just say that I’m a CANCER and that I was born during the late 1950s. So, that means I lived long enough to know what I talk about. Hahaha! 

Language spoken: Fluent English [American style]  

Religion: Bible believing Christian  

Special note: Physically handicap [using electric wheelchair]  

Education: I started out as a Computer Science Major in Foothill and De Anza Colleges [1977-1980] in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then I went to California State University, Sacramento [CSUS] 1980-1981. but then I later changed to my alternate major, drama and theater arts [1981-1985]. Unfortunately, I had to return to the Philippines and was 3 units short of my degree. Upon my return to the Philippines, I took several noncredited computer courses to update myself on the latest PC software. Other than that, I did not pursue completion for my college degree mainly because of numerous work prospects.  


Designer and Conceptor: 
I’m an IDEA man. I guess because I have walked this world for such a long time and I keep my eyes open, I figured out a lot of stuff on how people look at things. This has been very handy in the world of marketing. My experience in design range from marketing materials [websites, ads, promos, etc.], exhibits, visual presentations, to sets and costumes for community theatres.  

Computers Graphics: 
Lately, I’ve been working on a lot of freelance website projects. However, most of the actual work I do are conceptual designs and layouting in which I use a very simple web builder program. [More complicated websites I usually subcontract other HTML programers.] Because I am also adept with a number of graphic programs, I have designed a range of logos, flyers, posters, magazine ads, and brochures for print purposes.  

Using the skills I acquired in both theater arts and computer graphics, I worked on a number of set design projects for local theater group and schools.

I am adept with the following computer software:  

  • Microsoft PowerPoint  
  • Microsoft Word  
  • Microsoft Excel  
  • Microsoft Access  
  • Microsoft Publisher  
  • Adobe Photoshop  
  • Coreldraw [v12] 
  • Macromedia Flash MX  
  • Google Sketch-up

Note: I can usually figure out how to work on any Windows based programs as well as a few Macintosh programs though I still prefer Windows.  

I’ve also done a number of copy writing projects for corporate letters, speeches, brochures, print ads, and web sites. Currently I am working on a book. However, because of my handicapped hands, I am not as prolific due to the fact that I cannot type too fast.  

 Note: To better enhance my writing skills, I have just recently acquired a voice to text software.  



Because I am an extrovert, I’ve always been good around people. With my communication skills, I have conducted numerous Bible studies; preached and gave speeches before large crowds; gave presentations; did PR for resorts, conferences, fundraisers, seminars and conventions. With my drama training, I have directed plays, coached actors and conducted training sessions.  

  • Eagle Point Resort  Website development [www.eaglepointresort.ws] - current  
  • Mara Pardo de Tavera [Art Dealer and Organic Market Coordinator]  Website development [www.pardodetavera.ws] - current 
  • Organic Market  PR, copywriter and marketing consultant [off and on 1999-current] 
  • Moya Realty Website development 
  • Casacana Furnitures Website development [www.casacana.ws]  
  • Barangay San Lorenzo Sunday Market  PR Coordinator [volunteered Nov 2005-April 2006] 
  • Repertory Philippines  Set design for the following stage productions: [off and on 2002-2006] 


Children’s theatre [Aladdin, Emperor’s New Clothes, and Pinochio] Little Shop of Horrors, Wizard of Oz, and Don Quixote [technical drawings] 

Unitel Productions  Worked closely with Director Matthew Rosen for TV commercial productions from 1989 to 1994. The kind of jobs I did were computer graphics, computer animation, model building, special effects, puppetry, and talent coaching. We did TV commercials for Macdonald’s, Del Monte Corporation, Firestone, McCaan Erickson, Magnolia Corporation, San Miguel, plus a number of other companies that I just don’t remember.  

Ayala Land Corporation - Park Square Mall  Legends of Halloween - commercial animated display [Oct 1988] Santa’s workshop - commercial animated display [Nov-Dec 1989] Exhibit Designer  

NJQ Law Firm and QTE Law Offices Systems analyst and programmer [1986-1988] 

Union Church of Manila  Bible Study Teacher [2003-current] Bible Museum Project - creative coordinator [still pending]  “Road to Emmaus” Interactive Bible Study (CD ROM) - programmer [developed 2004] 

Dennis Legaspi - God in the Marketplace Ministries [GMM] PowerPoint developer and researcher [1998-current]